The Hair & Skin Trading Co. – Crush//1992, Ground Zero 12″
Yokozuna – Betsabé//2009, Yokozuna II
Dropdead – Bitter Fruit (The Seed)//2002, Discography
Secret Chiefs 3 – The Owl In Daylight//2004, Book of Horizons
Lizzy Mercier Descloux – Hard Boiled Babe//2009, ZE 30: Ze Records 1979-2009
The Clean – In The Dreamlife U Need a Rubber Soul//2009, Mister Pop
Radio Birdman – New Race//1977, Radios Appear
Nick Lowe – I Love The Sound of Breaking Glass//1978, Jesus of Cool
The Monorchid – Beard of Bees//1998, Who Put Out The Fire?
Dr. K Gyasi & His Noble Kings – Sei Nazo//2009, Ghana Special: Modern Highlife, Afro Sounds & Ghanaian Blues 1968-91
Arabrot – Dead To Me/Aficionado//2009, The Brother Seed
Wavves – Lover//2008, Wavves
Dragonforce – Fields of Despair//2004, Sonic Firestorm
Magma – Fuhnërarïum Kahnt//2009, Ëmëhntëhhtt-Ré
Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs – Bell Bottom Blues//2009, Under the Covers Vol. 2
Pedestrian Deposit – Angora//2006, Vestige
Skeletonwitch – Where The Light Has Failed//2009, Breathing The Fire
Popol Vuh – Dream Part 4//1970, Affenstunde
Selma – Fiesta Negra//2009, Selma
San Pascualito Rey – Hoy No Es Mi Día//2005, Sufro Sufro Sufro

Radio Oscilador 20.mp3 (right-click y save) o escúchelo en el player a su derecha.


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